Estonian Tax and Customs Board advises people to postpone the submission of their income tax return by a few days

15.02.2021 | 11:23

Due to a large number of users, the Estonian Tax and Customs Board (ETCB) has limited the number of users who can simultaneously file their income tax return electronically, and recommends that people do not rush to submit the tax returns.
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“Every year, we are pleased to see that declaring income is like a national sport for the people living in Estonia, and so many of them have already submitted their income tax return,” said Sander Aasna, head of public services at ETCB. “But as every year, on the first days of income declaration many people have to wait behind the e-MTA door in a virtual queue. We have limited the number of users who can log into the system at the same time, so that people who have already started filling their tax returns could complete it without failures. We ask our clients to be patient. We assure that nobody’s income will remain undeclared. The due date is not before the last day of April and the deadline for the refund of overpaid income tax will not change either.”

For that reason, the ETCB advises people against rushing to declare their income and recommends filing the income tax returns later, when the burden on the information systems is lower. Likewise, it is not a good idea to rush to the service bureau of the ETCB in the hope that submitting income tax returns at a bureau will be faster – during the first weeks, there are, like every year, very long queues.

Income tax returns can be submitted from 15 February until 30 April. The ETCB will start refunding overpaid income tax from 26 February to those who have declared their income online and from 19 March to people who submitted their income tax return on paper. If the return does not have to be reviewed or additional documents submitted, the overpaid income tax will be refunded within a few weeks. The final deadline for both refunding the overpaid amount of income tax or paying additional income tax is 1 October 2021.

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