Save valuable time when submitting the VAT return

10.06.2022 | 14:08

To make the declaration process convenient and simple, we recommend that you submit the VAT return (form KMD) and its annex to the Tax and Customs Board directly from the company’s accounting software by using a machine-to-machine interface.
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Submitting the return by machine-to-machine interface via X-tee saves valuable time for the accountant, because there is no need to sign in to the e-MTA and manually complete a return or upload a file.

How to do it

  1. First, check with your business software service provider to see if the software allows you to submit VAT returns through a machine-to-machine interface.
  2. If it is possible to submit VAT returns from the software, activate the interface with the Tax and Customs Board system.
    The business software service provider will give instructions for activating the interface and submitting the return.
  3. Grant the owner of the X-tee security server of the business software service provider the access permission "Sending the data of the VAT return (KMD) via the machine-to-machine interface” in the e-MTA for submitting the VAT return.
    You can find specific details for granting access permissions from this instruction.
  4. Make sure that the accountant submitting the VAT return has a valid access permission in the e-MTA, either “Administering value added tax returns (form KMD)” or “Accountant’s package”.
  5. Preparations for convenient submission of the VAT return have been made.