Starting from September 14, 2013 Conditions of TIR procedure application in Russian Federation will be modified


In order to ensure compliance with the customs legislation and to provide the completeness and just-in-time payments of customs fees for the Federal Budget, starting from September 14, 2013, the placement of goods under the customs transit procedure with the use of TIR Carnets in Russian Federation will be carried out only if the customs transit is conducted under the common measures stipulated in customs legislation, so as to ensure the customs duties and taxes payment.


Pilot Project Launched at Koidula and Kunitsina Gora Border Crossing Points for Speeded-up Border Crossing


The Estonian Tax and Customs Board (ETCB) have, in cooperation with the Customs Service of the Russian Federation (FCS), launched the pilot project at Koidula and Kunitsina Gora border customs points in order to speed up the border crossing of trucks and to increase the throughput capacity of the border points.

The objective of this pilot project is to test and improve the piloted fast line border crossing scheme. Pilot project will last approximately until 01.01.2014.

Fast line is meant to be used by authorised economic operators (AEOs) acknowledged in the European Union whose partners in Russia are the companies approved by FCS and who jointly form a common and secure supply chain. The companies that comply with these requirements and have the approval of ETCB have the priority in booking their border crossing times in the electronic queuing system GoSwift in a separate section for AEOs.

One of the conditions is that by making use of the fast line the number of trucks crossing the border in both directions within one hour under normal booking arrangements, if there is the queue at the border, must not decrease. Consequently, on account of trucks crossing the border under fast line arrangement the number of vehicles crossing the border will actually increase.