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Access to the list of persons with restrictions on gambling

For applying the list of persons with restrictions on gambling (HAMPI list – in Estonian hasartmängu mängimise piirangutega isikute nimekiri) the gambling operator has to follow the Gambling Act § 39 and the procedure established in Division 2 "Processing the data of the list of persons with restrictions on playing games of chance" of the statutes of the register of taxable persons (in Estonian).

According to the legislation amendments entered into force in 01.01.2016 the principles of the list of persons with restrictions on gambling is also applied to totos (totalizers) and classic lottery. Thereby, a person may choose which type of gamble he/she is going to restrict for himsef/herself. The restrictions do not apply to instant lottery (i.e. scratch lottery tickets).

Gambling operators cannot allow persons with valid restrictions to gamble. More information on setting gambling restrictions on the page "Setting Restrictions on Gambling".

Gambling operator may use the data entered in the HAMPI list only for checking gambling restrictions:

  1. by using the Gambling Restrictions application in the e-MTA and according to an identity document presented by a person entering a gambling place. Gambling operator’s employees have to be authorized by the "Authorization for Using the List of Persons with Restrictions on Gambling (HAMPI)".

  2. by machine-to-machine interface through X-Road services "emta.OmpiKontrollV2.v1" and "emta.OmpiAndmedV2.v1", which is possible according to a system of measures approved by the Estonian Tax and Customs Board.

The principals of functioning of the data exchange layer X-Road and the software and hardware necessary for using the services are described on the homepage of Estonian Information System Authority.

It is necessary to submit an application to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board for opening a service. The applicant has to list in their application:

  1. services and environments the access is needed for;
  2. the persons (their given names, surnames, personal codes and job titles), who need access to the data entered in the HAMPI list;
  3. provides for preliminary approval the description of the system of measures, which indicates the security measures for processing the list and the possibilities for supervising the implementation of the list.

Opening a service usually takes place gradually. First, the applicant makes sure the service works correctly in the X-Road development environment (is the applicant’s electronic system able to communicate to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board’s services). Then, the Estonian Tax and Customs Board enables access to the services in production environment.

Technical information