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Deadline for payment of land tax, income tax and social tax is October 1st

26 September 2019

Tuesday, October 1st is the deadline for the second instalment of land tax as well as income and social tax for persons who were registered as self-employed persons in 2018, received gains from transfer of property or derived income from abroad.  

Approximately 77 000 legal and natural persons have to pay land tax amounting to 25.2 million euros, which will fully accrue to local government budgets.

On the basis of the previous year’s income tax returns more than 17 000 persons have to pay additional income tax in the amount of 37.9 million euros by October 1st. More than 9000 persons have to pay additional social tax in the amount of 8.2 million euros.

According to Hannes Udde, service manager of the service department at the Estonian Tax and Customs Board (ETCB), the gains from securities transferred abroad increased most, precisely by 9 million euros. “There has also been a considerable growth in gains from transfer of property as compared with 2017, including 2 million euros more from the sales of property declared in Estonia, and 3.9 million euros more from the sales of property abroad,” Udde added.

To obtain more information regarding the taxation of natural persons and payment of land tax, please call ETCB helpline 880 0811.

The summary of income tax returns of natural persons for 2018 is available on the ETCB website.


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