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Estonia and Airbnb sign unique agreement on host income tax

5 December 2018
  • Airbnb will allow hosts to automatically report their earnings to tax authorities at the click of a button
  • Tool in line with Estonia’s advanced e-governance and part of Airbnb’s vision to spread the benefits of home sharing to everyone
  • Last year, there were 2,600 hosts on Airbnb in Estonia and they welcomed 130,000 guests

Airbnb and the Estonian Tax and Customs Board (ETCB) today signed an agreement that will make it easier for hosts on Airbnb in Estonia to report their income tax. Under the agreement, Airbnb will allow hosts to voluntarily report their earnings via Airbnb to the tax authorities, which will subsequently add the income to the host’s yearly tax returns.

The voluntary reporting tool will be available to hosts in Estonia on 14 December 2018 and is a welcome development in one of the most digitally advanced societies in Europe. The new tool will help make income tax simple for hosts in Estonia and will help ensure the Estonian government receives this
important financial resource.

Rivo Reitmann, Deputy General Director at the ETCB, said:
“We believe tax collection needs to be simple, clear and user-friendly. The online sharing economy allows people to provide services in an efficient manner, but also make it easier to fulfill tax obligations. The collaboration with Airbnb will make paying taxes even simpler for hosts who share their homes in

Patrick Robinson, Director for Public Policy in EMEA at Airbnb, said:
“Hosts want to pay their fair share of tax and we want to help. By working together with the Estonian authorities, a champion in e-governance and strong supporter of the sharing economy, we are making income tax simpler for hosts, while helping the government to benefit from new revenue streams generated by home sharing. We want to be good partners in Estonia and work with more governments around the world to spread the benefits of home sharing.”

Home sharing on Airbnb in Estonia brings a wealth of benefits to the local economy and the tourism industry. Last year, there were 2,600 active hosts on Airbnb in Estonia and they welcomed 130,000 visitors. The typical Airbnb host in Estonia earned an additional €1,500 by sharing their space for 24 nights per year.

You can find Airbnb´s fact sheet here (PDF) and the pictures of the press event here.

For any other questions, contact Kaia-Liisa Tabri ( / +372 5694 9910) and
Bernard D’heygere ( / +4475 8402 7391 )

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