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As of today, LHV Pank clients can open an Entrepreneur Account

LHV Pank, in cooperation with the Tax and Customs Board, was the first to launch an Entrepreneur Account on the Estonian market, simplifying the payment of taxes and reporting for private persons engaged in entrepreneurship.

Estonia and Airbnb sign unique agreement on host income tax

Airbnb and the Estonian Tax and Customs Board (ETCB) today signed an agreement that will make it easier for hosts on Airbnb in Estonia to report their income tax. Under the agreement, Airbnb will allow hosts to voluntarily report their earnings via Airbnb to the tax authorities, which will subsequently add the income to the host’s yearly tax returns.

Banks’ lending decisions will be based on TCB data on applicants’ real income

The Tax and Customs Board (TCB) and the Estonian Banking Association agreed to automate requests for data on the official information of private persons’ wages submitted to the Tax and Customs Board, which will be taken into account by banks when granting a loan. In future, loan applicants can provide the information of their official wages in the internet bank when filling out their loan application.

Leased cars can again cross the eastern border

It is again possible to cross the border with leased cars without a guarantee payment at the border crossing points of Narva, Koidula and Luhamaa.

Employment register got a new design

The employment register has a new look since the evening of June 18, which corresponds to the future design of the e-Tax/e-Customs to be completed in 2020.

Narva Railway Border Crossing Point got a new X-ray equipment

Today the Estonian Tax and Customs Board received the last unit of the five units of X-ray equipment from the Chinese technological company Nuctech, an X-ray equipment installed at Narva Railway Border Crossing Point. New equipment enables to examine the inward goods to Estonia significantly faster than so far and to detect illicit goods more efficiently.

Tackling cigarette smuggling is the EU-wide priority in the customs field

Under the Estonian Presidency the Council of the European Union has adopted conclusions on the fight against cigarette smuggling and illegal tobacco products. The Customs Cooperation Action Plan of the European Union has also been approved, giving high priority to combatting excise fraud, primarily the production of illicit cigarettes and illegal handling of mineral oils.

Development of new ETCB e-portal begins

The contracts involve the first phase of development where the structure of the online system will go through a comprehensive overhaul and the user experience of the online services will be improved by 2019.

Businesses can view ratings of their tax compliance on the ETCB`s e-portal

From this October, ETCB is providing on its E-Tax/E-Customs portal the new service of aggregate tax behaviour ratings, which provide business operators with an overview of the state of their tax matters.

Tax conference: what has technology got to do wit paying taxes?

On the 5th of October tax and IT specialists will be gathering at the conference „SmartEST Taxation“ in Tallinn to discuss the next-generation smart and secure e-services and how tax data collected can be reflected back to businesses.