Transfer of property

The income derived from the assets upon the merger of the company with the assets of the natural person

If the sole shareholder of a company who is a natural person has merged the assets of the company with the personal assets as an alternative to the liquidation proceedings of the company, then he/she shall have to declare it in table 6.6 of the income tax return.

The difference between the income received from the company in monetary or nonmonetary form and the liabilities taken over, and the acquisition cost of the holding shall be declared. The income received in nonmonetary form shall be stated at the market price. The received gains shall be taxed except the share of profit taxed by the company.

If upon merging the liabilities of the company are taken over, then the amount of the liabilities taken over shall be declared.

If the liability taken over from the company ceases to exist later due to waiver of a claim, limitation period, consolidation of an obligor and an obligee or other reason, then it shall be declared and the taxable income shall occur during the period of taxation when the liability shall cease to exist.