Medicinal products and food supplements

Medicinal products from non-European Union countries to Estonia or from Estonia to a non-Union country may be sent in postal and express mail consignments only if the sender and the recipient are both natural persons.

When using postal or express mail services there may be up to five (5) unopened retail packages in one consignment without the permission of the State Agency Medicines.

Medicinal products must be in the manufacturer’s original packaging.

The package size for retail packages may not exceed:
  • up to 200 units for solid pharmaceutical forms
  • 500 grams of powder for solution
  • 50 grams of homeopathic granules
  • 200 millilitres or 200 grams of medicinal products for external use
  • 500 millilitres of solution for infusion or oral solution
  • 30 ampoules or vials of injectable pharmaceutical forms
  • 100 grams of herbal substances
  • 200 doses of inhalation preparations
  • 10 units of medicated plasters

If the quantities sent exceed the abovementioned quantities, you will need a permit from the State Agency of Medicines for all medicinal products in the consignment.

No limitations are for sending products defined as non-medicinal products (for example, food supplements).

Sending of medicinal products by regular post or express mail which have been ordered on the Internet is prohibited. It is reasonable to address the State Agency of Medicines before ordering or sending the product and let it specify whether a medicinal product is in question or not. Very often the products specified as food supplements (vitamin preparations, herbal preparations) in other countries are defined in Estonia as medicinal products because of the active substances in their composition.

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 Additional information can be obtained on the website of the State Agency of Medicines, by e-mail address or by telephone (+372) 737 4140