Product conformity check

If the customs authorities on checking the goods declared for release for free circulation find that:

  • any characteristics will become evident on a product that will give ground to believe that it will entail a serious risk to people’s health, safety or the environment despite the correct installation, maintenance and use of the product, or

  • a product is not accompanied by written or electronic documents required by the relevant harmonization legislation of the Community or a product is not marked in accordance with such legislation, or

  • CE conformity marking is fixed on the product in a wrong or misleading way,

then they shall suspend release of the product concerned and shall notify immediately the national authority responsible for market surveillance. If the authorities find that the product does not correspond to the harmonization legislation of the Community, then, if needed, placing the product on the market may be banned.


 Further information can be obtained from Customs help desk phone (+372) 880 0814 (working hours) and e-mail tolliinfo@emta.