Declaration of the goods carried

If you arrive from outside the European Union, and you carry goods to be declared, the easiest way to declare it to the customs is electronically. Please follow these steps:

  • log in to e-Tax/e-Customs
  • choose “Online customs services” from the upper menu bar in the opening page

  • choose “Declaration of traveler’s goods” from the menu on the left in the online customs services page

  • press the green “New declaration” button

You can submit an electronic traveler’s declaration for up to three days before crossing the border. Once you have submitted the declaration, choose the red lane to pass through the customs office at the border and inform the customs officer about submitting the declaration. You can pay the taxes for the declared goods by a debit or credit card (with the exception of American Express) or by cash in euros at the border customs office.

If you cannot log in to e-Tax/e-Customs, it is possible to fill in a declaration electronically and submit it HERE.

For more information, please contact: