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We are introducing a new import customs declaration processing system Impulss


From 1 July 2021, the Estonian Tax and Customs Board will transfer import customs clearance to the new information system Impulss. The aim of this change is to offer customers a modern and convenient service for submitting and processing import declarations that works on a new platform. The new system also makes it possible to ensure the implementation of the VAT directive, which introduces a declaration requirement from 0 euros. Processing of export declarations will continue in the information system Complex until 2023.

In the development of Impulss, the growing volumes and new trends in foreign trade have been taken into account, as well as the expectations of the participants in foreign trade for fast movement of goods and customs clearance, while ensuring the achievement of strategic fiscal objectives and protection of society that are important for the state and the European Union.

In Impulss, all the main processes for declaring the import of goods have been brought together. In addition, the new system allows large-scale customs declarations, the re-use of data already provided to other customs information systems, and the submission of a customs declaration before the arrival of goods.

Impulss is mainly intended to be used by companies importing goods from outside the European Union and by customs agencies. Private individuals can use the updated applications for the declaration of postal parcels and traveler’s goods to declare goods.

Impulss can be used with the access permission “Submission of data to the processing system of import customs declarations (Impulss)”, which is included in both the packages of legal and natural person’s representative and in the customs services package. This means that if a user has one of these packages of access permissions, it is not necessary to apply for a separate Impulss access permission.

In case of questions, please contact customs information by calling at +372 880 0814 or by sending an e-mail

Funds (3.2 million euros) from the European Regional Development Fund have been used to develop the new import information system. The service developer is software company Cybernetica AS.