Registers, inquiries

As a private person you can apply from the Estonian Tax and Customs Board for different certificates, make necessary inquiries to obtain your own or public data and make entries to different registers.

Registration of employment

All employers must enter in the employment register (TÖR) each employee to whom they make payments on which taxes must be paid in Estonia.

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Private person as employer

According to the Taxation Act, an employer may also be a private person who is not a self-employed person (sole proprietor) and employs another private person, such as a babysitter, repair worker, domestic worker, etc. A private person does not need to register as an employer.

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Setting restrictions on gambling

A person who wishes to protect oneself from the negative consequences that may arise from gambling, can set restrictions on gambling for oneself.

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Public data inquiries

Using inquiries, you can find public data from the register of taxable persons managed by the Estonian Tax and Customs Board.

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Applying for certificates

The Estonian Tax and Customs Board issues certificates containing both public data and information subject to tax secrecy on the basis of the information in the register of taxable persons.

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Last updated: 30.09.2021

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