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From this page you can find help with any technical issues that may occur when using e-MTA.

Turning off the automatic translation of Google Chrome web browser

The online services environment e-MTA is available in Estonian, English and Russian. If you use Google Chrome web browser to sign in to the e-MTA, please make sure that the automatic translation of websites has been disabled.

To turn off the automatic translation of Chrome:

  • press the button with three dots in the top right corner of the browser;
  • select SettingsAdvancedLanguages, and then Language;
  • turn off Offer to translate pages that aren't in a language you read;
  • close the browser and open it again.

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Clearing your browser’s cache

If you receive an error message when entering the e-MTA, please clear your browser’s cache.

Google Chrome

  • Select the Customize and control Google Chrome button (icon with three dots at the top right)
  • Click on More tools - Clear browsing data
  • In the new tab that opens, tick the box in front of Browsing history and select All time from the drop-down menu above and press Clear data.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Select History - Clear recent history

Internet Explorer

  • Select ToolsSafety - Delete Browsing History

After emptying the cache, close the browser and try to use the service again.

Apple Safari

Please note that if you use the Safari web browser on an Apple computer, problems with the ID-card authentication occur when signing in to the e-MTA. We recommend using the web browsers Google Chrome and Firefox or the mobile-ID service for authentication.

E-MTA security requirements

  • If the user does not perform operations on the e-MTA portal within 25 minutes, the session shall expire and the user shall be automatically signed out of the e-MTA portal.

  • If the user’s electronic means of identification or the passwords thereof have been stolen, lost or become known to a third party not entitled to use them or if some other security risk has become apparent, the user shall notify this immediately to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board by e-mailing to or by telephoning 880 0815.

  • The Estonian Tax and Customs Board shall temporarily block the user’s access to the e-MTA portal if a security risk has been detected or if the user has notified the Estonian Tax and Customs Board about the loss of their means of authentication or the passwords thereof.

  • For their access to the e-MTA portal to be restored, the user shall submit a written application to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board.

  • The Estonian Tax and Customs Board shall restore the user’s access not later than by 12 midday on the workday following the day of the receipt of the application.

  • The Estonian Tax and Customs Board shall record the user’s actions on the e-MTA portal and, if needed, shall use the recordings to prove their actions.

  • The Estnian Tax and Customs Board shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage or other consequences resulting from the malfunctions or non-operation of the e-MTA portal if these are due to causes beyond the control of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board, for example, power outages, malfunctions of communication lines, natural disasters or the like.

If you experience any problems with using ID-card on the web, check your browser settings. 

Last updated: 22.10.2021

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