The way an enterprise’s tax compliance appears in the viewpoint of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board can be checked in the e-service of tax behaviour ratings which aims to give entrepreneurs the chance to correct possible shortcomings before the Tax and Customs Board contacts the enterprise. We have also compiled several tips here to help keep tax matters in order.

What the tax behaviour ratings tell you

The e-service of tax behaviour ratings helps businesses keep their tax matters in order. Through the service, we give feedback to business operators about their tax behaviour and, in the event of deficiencies, we give instructions as to which improvements are needed.

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How to check the background of a business partner

It is always wise to conduct research on business partners prior to entering into business transactions. We have aggregated the most popular public and private sector databases that enable the background and creditworthiness of counterparties to be researched and evaluated, thereby reducing the business and tax risks.

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Monitoring your tax affairs

There is a lot you can do to keep your tax matters in order. On this page, we provide an overview of advice to follow and links to important pages.

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About the payment of labour taxes

In order to ensure the payment of labour taxes in a correct manner, it is important to know that if an employee performs his or her duties, an employment contract must be concluded, and if a member of the management board or supervisory board performs his or her duties, a contract of a member of the management board or supervisory board must be concluded. The conformity of the contract with the actual content of the work or service ensures equal taxation and fair competition for all persons.

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For employers of Ukrainians

What must an Estonian employer take into account when recruiting refugees who have arrived in Estonia because of the war situation in Ukraine?

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Last updated: 29.09.2022

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