Employment register

The employment register is a register that collects information on employment and is kept by the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. The information contained in the employment register is the basis for determining social guarantees (health insurance, unemployment insurance benefit, etc.) arising from employment.

All employers, including a private person who hires another private person, have the obligation to register employment.

An employer (a person providing work) can be a resident or non-resident legal person in Estonia, an Estonian state authority or local government authority, a natural person or a self-employed person who concludes agreements which form a basis for working or who appoints persons performing work (employees) to their posts.

Employment registration opportunities

Employment data can be entered into the employment register by means of machine-to-machine interface from the human resources programme and in the e-services environment e-MTA by entering data manually or by uploading a CSV file. By means of a simplified procedure, it is possible to register employment by phone or text message.

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Employment registration

Commencement of the employment must be recorded latest by the moment when the employee starts the work. As an exception, the employment of a child aged between 7 and 12 must be registered ten working days before the child begins work.

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Registration of the employment of a foreigner

The employee’s personal identification code is used to register his or her employment. If an employed foreign citizen does not have an Estonian personal identification code and is unable to apply for it prior to commencing employment for objective reasons, the employer can register the employment for a period of up to five days using the employee’s date of birth. Once the person is assigned a personal identification code, it is possible to extend the validity of the entry – it is not necessary to start a new entry; instead, the date of birth entry will be amended to a personal identification code entry.

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Suspension of employment

The employer must register the suspension of employment within ten calendar days from the date of suspension of employment.

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Termination of employment

The employer must register the termination of employment within 10 (ten) calendar days from the date of termination of employment.

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Last updated: 22.09.2022

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