Employment registration opportunities

Employment data can be entered into the employment register by means of machine-to-machine interface from the human resources programme and in the e-services environment e-MTA by entering data manually or by uploading a CSV file. By means of a simplified procedure, it is possible to register employment by phone or text message.

In the e-services environment of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board e-MTA, there are two options for the registration of employment:

  • filling out the electronic form
  • uploading data in a CVS file

Guidance materials

500 lines can be uploaded at a time. Please use the Internet Explorer browser to open a CSV sample file.

The machine-to-machine interface of the employment register is realised as an X-tee service. Data are sent to the employment register from a security server that has joined the X-tee by machine-to-machine interface.

Technical information

Under simplified procedure, it is possible to register employment by calling on 880 0812 or sending an SMS message to 1811.

Format of the SMS message is as follows: „employer’s registry code/ID-code (space) employee’s ID-code (space) date of commencement of the employment“. Example: 12345(space) 23456789012(space) 01.07.2014

As the simplified registration covers only part of the required data, the registration must definitely be supplemented with the type of employment within seven calendar days in order to complete the registration.

Only the employment of a person holding a personal identification code can be registered under the simplified procedure.

NB! Since the data of a person registered under the simplified procedure are not transferred to the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, the person does not have the right to health insurance. More information about health insurance principles is available on the website of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

Employment can be registered in the service bureaus of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board.

Last updated: 04.07.2022

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